In Denver’s market, where the average-priced single-family home is in the $600’s, condos and townhomes may be the only option (except for affordable for-sale housing)for people to get into the market. 

We currently have a buyer who wants to stay at a purchase price of $420K. While there are some single-family homes at this price point, there is more inventory if they decide on a condo or a townhome. More inventory, incredible! Yes, and something to consider is that HOA dues reduce the purchasing power you have. What do I mean? Well, if this client decides to go for a townhome or condo with an HOA of $300/mo, they should look for a home priced around $380K. 


A rule of thumb, with current interest rates, is that each $100 of HOA dues extracts about $15,000 to $20,000 of purchasing power from buyers (depending on property tax and interest rates). 

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